The page of Napi Rock and Roll went through the following phases during the development


2024 May. This version provides the clickable tags as a new main feature. Tags were present in the articles so far,but from now on you can click on them to reach other articlas in the topic. In the background other important functions were also implemented, like automatization of interversion database changes. Furthermore a new monitoring tool was created for page visits.


When the car manufacturers are creating a new model they first createh shape out of clay in order to see how will it look like. Then the details are added later during the development. This is wgat heappened with the page between version 0.3 and 0.4. It's not visible from outside but lots of changes were made behind the scenes. The goal was to create a framework where the new functions can be easily added.
Something which is visible from the first moment is the laguage selector button. from now on you can swithc between English and Hungarioan. Unfortunately the articles are not yet translated.
In the new version embedding videos from Vimeo and Facebook also possible next to Youtube. The new version gets available on 1st of October, 2021.


After publishig the version 0.2 a new development has started in the background. The goal of this version was a page, where you can publish articles with embedded pictures and videos. The page itself is a bit siple, but serve as designed.
The new version was released in May 2020, in total bugfixing was required only six times.


The page consists of a single page, which containd a single "In process..." entry, next to some videos from the Youtube channel. It was created in approximately 2016.