The Napi Rock and Roll is a media collection, which consits of the following elements:

The Napi Rock and Roll Youtube channel. Concert videos are uploaded since 2007, nowadays you can find aproximately 1900 public videos. There are around 100 pieces wich are waiting for publication, or never will be publicated due to various reasons.

The Napi Rock and Roll Facebook page has started at the beginning of 2013. The goal was sharing the youtube viseos to reach a wider audience. Next to the vdeos later such columns has started like Rock and Roll Championship (where the bands are ranked by weekly video views) and Rock and Roll Cup (where the most popular bands are competing for votes of the page visitors). There is a serie called "Saturday night matinee" (Szombat esti matiné) too, when intersting videos not from the youtube chanel of Napi Rock and Roll are posted. They are usually videoclips or concert recordings are well-kown roc and Roll bands.
There is a Facebook group, which belongs to this Facebook page: Rock and Roll és Rockabilly koncertfotók és videók (Rock and Roll and Rockabilly concert videos and photos) where contets can be shared, which is not originated from the channels of Napi Rock and Roll.

The Daily Rock and Roll Facebook page. On this page the non-Hungarian speaking videos are shared both from Hungarian and Non-Hungarian bands.

The Facebook pages has a counterpart on too. The goal is to provide a reachable platform for those who haven't got Facebook access. Here you can reach the Hungarian version and here is the English page.

The Twitter platfrom nis getting more and more popular, so here is a Twitter channel as well with English content.

The goal of the Napi Rock and Roll page is make Rock and Roll, Rockabilly (and some related genres like Blues, Country, Swing, classic Rock) more popular. To connect the fans and the bands. The average social networks has too much not related content it must be filtered, and the content often don't reach the audience. Reaching the audience can be very costly for performers in this non-profit oriented subculture.
This is whree the page helps, the content can be reachad by everybody without filters.