The webpage of Napi (Daily) Rock and Roll is now updated!

The goal is providing some extra for fans of Rock and Roll and Rockabilly. The World Wide Web is full of content we like, but a real focuspoint is really missing, which could lead you to the most relevant content. Hopefully this page will be able to become this kind of origo for the Rock and Roll and Rockabilly fans. Of coure for this support and cooperation of the fans is mandatory.

Functions of the page

At the moment you can browse the content under News menu, where you can read about events, concerts - at the moment unfortunatly only in Hungarian.

From this version the page is also available in English! That's what you are reading now.

On the following page you can read more about the histoy of the page of Napi Rock and Roll

Don't forget to explore the Youtube channel of the Napi Rock and Roll.